DNA in Yarrawonga before #DNADOWNUNDER

Sunday 30th June at 1.00 pm (note earlier time!) – come along to the Yarrawonga Family History Group meeting to learn a bit about DNA – in plain English with real-life examples and a discussion about the tools to help you decipher your DNA results.

DNA is NOT straight-forward and it CAN be over-whelming.  This meeting should help you come to grips with DNA for your research.

The Yarrawonga Family History Group meets in the Victoria Park complex.

If you have already done a DNA test or can’t decide if you should do one, this is your chance to find out a bit more from our guest speaker, Susie Zada.

Susie doesn’t claim to be a DNA expert but she has used DNA extensively in her own family history research and will share a lot of ideas, tips and techniques that have helped with her family DNA test.

Genetic Genealogy (DNA) has become an integral part of our Family History research – in fact you can’t do traditional research without combining it with DNA and you can’t use DNA properly without traditional family history research.

This meeting will also be a golden opportunity to set the scene leading up the the DNA Downunder Roadshow happening around Australia in the last half of August.

Yarrawonga people are in an ideal location to take advantage of One-day programs in Melbourne or Canberra, and the 3-day program in Sydney.

The DNA Roadshow includes Blaine Bettinger, the international DNA expert, and Louise Coakley, our own Australian DNA expert.  Susie attributes her success with DNA by learning from both of these people who have so much to share.  #DNADOWNUNDER

The Yarrawonga meeting will give you a chance to learn about DNA basics and what it can do for you.

At this stage the July and August meetings will be on the last Sunday of the month at 1.30 pm.

Hope to see you on Sunday 30th June at 1.00 pm.

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